Je T’aime!

I feel that I am a bit of an art connoisseur, as I enjoy all types of art forms from around the world. I don’t just enjoy painting or decorating types of artistic endeavours, but I enjoy all types of art forms from video games to music to sculptures and gardening. I feel like so many of these past times and hobbies are art forms within themselves, and many including simple woodworking, or the creation of furniture also counts as art. Any time someone can be creative and original, despite what materials they are using or how they create that art, if it is beautiful, it is art. The old saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find that to be so true considering that some people can be so creative and innovative with many different materials if they have their vision.

The creations of sculptures throughout the world, despite the materials that they are created with, is one of the most amazing things in the world. There are obvious pieces of art created by great sculptures such as the statue of David in Florence, but there are other types of sculptures that do not get the same amount of exposure. This includes ice sculptures which are one of the most amazing pieces of art form there is. Most of the ice sculptures that have been created, with hours and hours of time being spent to create and design them will never be seen again, because they have melted either partially or completely by now. There may be some that have been stored in a freezer somewhere, but the rest have been gone for a long time. This is sad when you consider how beautiful some of those sculptures may have been.

The most obvious and beautiful art form that has been created throughout the years are paintings and murals. There are so many amazing paintings and murals that have been designed and created throughout the years, and they have been created by painters with a creative vision throughout the years. To some a painting may seem to just be a few different paint colours brushed together to create a picture that only means something to the artist themselves, but there is a piece of beauty within that. The idea of being able to put yourself into the artists shoes and mind and seeing what he or she wanted to create and convey is part of the beauty in any art form, but especially within paintings, which can be equally expressive as it is inexpressive.

Art is one of life’s simplest but most beautiful pleasures that we rarely get to experience. Sure, we can see a few reprinted pictures of paintings and some photographs daily, but rarely do we get to see the most beautiful pieces of art forms throughout the world. You can probably think of a few statues or buildings, but can you remember when the last time you sought one out was? Can you even remember when the last time you really went out of your way to see some relatively popular painting or piece of art? The chances are you probably cannot, because we all take these things for granted. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you get the chance please make sure to check out some of the blogs we will be creating in the future!

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