Art forms I cannot appreciate

While most of this blog will be talking about all the artforms that I have a deep love for, I thought the best first post that I could create would be focused on artforms I either have a dislike for, or I simply cannot understand the appeal for. While this may sound negative, there are a few things that I have never been able to understand the appeal of, and never really been able to enjoy. I do not mean to be rude or disparage any of these art forms whatsoever, because my lack of understanding or enjoyment from any of them doesn’t necessarily mean that I hold any negative thoughts or ill will towards the arts themselves. Arts of all kinds should be appreciated, and I believe the reason I thought this would be a good post is because although I may not be able to appreciate them, I know that many others out there and my readers included do.

One of the art forms I really do not see the fascination of is dancing professionally. I do not mean ballet dancing, because I do see the art behind ballet dancing. I also see the art behind some dances themselves, but there are certain dance groups (not naming any names!) that I just don’t understand why it is considered good. Some of it is very athletic and looks very good for show since there are so many flips and such, but as an actual dance, I don’t see the appeal, nor do I find it very fascinating to watch. Athleticism is cool and fun to watch in its own way but doing a bunch of flips and then putting it under the umbrella of dance just doesn’t seem right to me.

I cannot find myself agreeing that this kind of dancing, or a lot of dance moves in general are considered art. I understand that it is an expression of emotions or feelings in many cases, but the simple fact of expression shouldn’t make something be considered as art. That could mean anyone screaming or shouting in the middle of the street expressing themselves could be considered art in some form if that is the underlying benchmark for what is considered art. It is also a form where it is indiscernible what is just athletics and what is specifically a dance move with certain dance groups within the United Kingdom too.

I also do not consider slam poetry or emotional readings to be art forms either. While this is a lot more specific, the reading of a poem or grouping of words in a specific way to sound emotional or “intimidating” to be art whatsoever. It is just reading a poem. Poems is an art form, because it’s a way to verbally express a specific memory, emotion or landscaping, while anything on top of that is just complicating the matter. The matter itself is the words and the meaning behind the paper, rather than the way you say the words.

I know that I may sound partially rude or dismissive or art forms, but I do find it hard to agree that these are art forms. They just don’t express emotion or stories the way that other art forms can. I also find many of them to be more complicated forms of other arts for the sake of “evolution”. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post today, and make sure to stick around for more!

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