Stand-up Comedy

One art form that I feel is very overlooked because many do not consider it to be art is stand up comedy. While others think that it is simply just entertainment, when you read between the lines of stand-up comedy acts that are smart and intelligent, you can start to see the art and appreciate it for what it is. Stand up comedy is the most observational form of comedy, while also being an incredibly perceptive look at life that many may share. Other times, stand-up comedians are good at picking apart the most common things in life you experience or witness every day and have a completely unique view on those things that you could never have though of, changing your entire view on that event or even your look on life in certain cases. It is an incredibly honed art form that has become really underappreciated despite how good some of the comedians really are at observation.

One of my favourite stand up comedians that I really enjoy watching is Bill Burr. He has a really perceptive view on so many things in life that is very common for anyone to see, Even if it is something smaller like just listening to the way he talks about relationships, you can tell that he has experienced the same things you have experienced in the past but he has picked apart a few things that you haven’t seen yourself. He can discuss the most mundane things that seem meaningless to many including myself, but once he starts getting into the point of view that only he can construct and create in his mind, he manages to make you see it the same way too. The main difference with Bill Burr however, is just how hilarious it is to listen to him say it.

Another comedian who is funny and is close to the same as Bill Burr is Louis CK. You can see so many of his jokes or things that he has written online so if you are ever bored one day or you would like to see what I am talking about, I would advise you to check out some of the jokes he has made. Some of them are good and while a lot of people can find some of the jokes that he makes vile and offensive like the joke about child molesters, they come from a place that is clearly only humorous but there is a sense of being able to understand exactly what he means by what he says.

A comedian who was really underrated is one that has sadly passed away by the time of reading this blog post. Patrice O’neal was one of the funniest people I have ever seen in my life and may be the funniest person to have stepped foot into this world. While his stand-up comedy special may not be to your liking, you can hear thousands of hours of footage from him on radio shows that really bring out just how genius this man really was. He mainly had an eye for relationships, and you can hear it in every single one of his jokes just how seriously he took comedy as an art form. He built mainly off personal experiences, and it really shines through.

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