An art form that I am quite undecided about is Music because I have mixed feelings about the artists themselves who release music. I think there are genuine “Artists” when it comes to music, but there are also so many people who are clearly in music for the fame and the money that I find it hard to call them an artist. One example for this would be Beyoncé, who seemingly needs hundreds of writers for songs that have very little different lyrics. Then there are other artists like Jessica Simpson or the girl that used to play Hannah Montana being such famous and rich celebrities for what seems like little to no actual talent when it comes to singing. I also have a very large issue with the fact that many artists these days do not seem to write the lyrics themselves, taking out half of the beauty of what art is. How can you claim that you are an artist when you aren’t even expressing your own thoughts or feelings, but rather singing along to a team of writer’s thoughts and feelings?

I find it difficult to really appreciate those who claim to be artists but are not willing to reflect and express their own selves. When you think of all the great painters of the ages, many of their art came from being able to express specific emotions about how they felt, or their feelings towards a subject or news topic of the time. When it comes to music, if you are not able to express genuine feelings towards the song you are singing, or the lyrics that you are singing to, it becomes very clear to the listener. We know that you don’t truly believe what you are singing about, and we understand when the melody of a song was clearly not created by you but rather a team of sound engineers and those who have a true ear for music rather than yourself. It really hinders potential artists that are unfortunately being overlooked while you are taking credit for someone else’s work.

While this may only sound critical towards the music business, the coin is obviously flipped as there are many people who you could consider a true artist. One of those artists would be David Bowie for example. While he clearly did not create every single instrumental to his songs or play the piano and keyboards himself, you know that he truly spent the time writing all the lyrics and heard every variation of the song itself. You could also tell that he had the idea of how he wanted the song to sound like, rather than create the song and the lyrics itself to the melody that he had been shown, unlike many of the artists nowadays who write songs after hearing the instrumental.

Another person who could be considered an artist is Prince, as you could tell that he both wrote the lyrics to all his songs and spent true time and dedication in the instruments to the song as well. Both artists will always be remembered as legends, and that is partially due to how great and focused they were to their crafts, rather than simply following it for the fame and fortune.

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