Painting for businesses

There are so many different art forms around in this world, but my favourite must be painting and decorating. I think the art of style and colour is amazing today, because there is such a wide variety of colours but also materials that are available to use now. This may sound silly to some, but I do believe interior decorating is an art form in itself because of the amount of different combinations and furniture that you could use. You could use hundreds of different items for decoration such as paintings, rugs, statues and other items and there is such a large variety of colours to use in them too.

If you are an aspiring painter or you paint as a hobby, then you could even make your own furniture. As crazy as this may sound, some people would love to have a free painting despite what you decide to paint. If the home owner or even yourself would love to hang the painting in their own home, then painting becomes a useful skill. You could also call yourself an artist who has their work on display in someone’s home, which is something that is quite amazing if you think about it.

I work as a painter and decorator, and I have worked with many people in the Newcastle area. One of the companies I work for are and they are really good when it comes to creative freedom. They love when you paint a mural or picture within a loft wall, because if the customer doesn’t like it then it is an easy paint over.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and at some point I would like to talk about some of the best artists to ever grace this earth.


An art form that I am quite undecided about is Music because I have mixed feelings about the artists themselves who release music. I think there are genuine “Artists” when it comes to music, but there are also so many people who are clearly in music for the fame and the money that I find it hard to call them an artist. One example for this would be Beyoncé, who seemingly needs hundreds of writers for songs that have very little different lyrics. Then there are other artists like Jessica Simpson or the girl that used to play Hannah Montana being such famous and rich celebrities for what seems like little to no actual talent when it comes to singing. I also have a very large issue with the fact that many artists these days do not seem to write the lyrics themselves, taking out half of the beauty of what art is. How can you claim that you are an artist when you aren’t even expressing your own thoughts or feelings, but rather singing along to a team of writer’s thoughts and feelings?

I find it difficult to really appreciate those who claim to be artists but are not willing to reflect and express their own selves. When you think of all the great painters of the ages, many of their art came from being able to express specific emotions about how they felt, or their feelings towards a subject or news topic of the time. When it comes to music, if you are not able to express genuine feelings towards the song you are singing, or the lyrics that you are singing to, it becomes very clear to the listener. We know that you don’t truly believe what you are singing about, and we understand when the melody of a song was clearly not created by you but rather a team of sound engineers and those who have a true ear for music rather than yourself. It really hinders potential artists that are unfortunately being overlooked while you are taking credit for someone else’s work.

While this may only sound critical towards the music business, the coin is obviously flipped as there are many people who you could consider a true artist. One of those artists would be David Bowie for example. While he clearly did not create every single instrumental to his songs or play the piano and keyboards himself, you know that he truly spent the time writing all the lyrics and heard every variation of the song itself. You could also tell that he had the idea of how he wanted the song to sound like, rather than create the song and the lyrics itself to the melody that he had been shown, unlike many of the artists nowadays who write songs after hearing the instrumental.

Another person who could be considered an artist is Prince, as you could tell that he both wrote the lyrics to all his songs and spent true time and dedication in the instruments to the song as well. Both artists will always be remembered as legends, and that is partially due to how great and focused they were to their crafts, rather than simply following it for the fame and fortune.

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Stand-up Comedy

One art form that I feel is very overlooked because many do not consider it to be art is stand up comedy. While others think that it is simply just entertainment, when you read between the lines of stand-up comedy acts that are smart and intelligent, you can start to see the art and appreciate it for what it is. Stand up comedy is the most observational form of comedy, while also being an incredibly perceptive look at life that many may share. Other times, stand-up comedians are good at picking apart the most common things in life you experience or witness every day and have a completely unique view on those things that you could never have though of, changing your entire view on that event or even your look on life in certain cases. It is an incredibly honed art form that has become really underappreciated despite how good some of the comedians really are at observation.

One of my favourite stand up comedians that I really enjoy watching is Bill Burr. He has a really perceptive view on so many things in life that is very common for anyone to see, Even if it is something smaller like just listening to the way he talks about relationships, you can tell that he has experienced the same things you have experienced in the past but he has picked apart a few things that you haven’t seen yourself. He can discuss the most mundane things that seem meaningless to many including myself, but once he starts getting into the point of view that only he can construct and create in his mind, he manages to make you see it the same way too. The main difference with Bill Burr however, is just how hilarious it is to listen to him say it.

Another comedian who is funny and is close to the same as Bill Burr is Louis CK. You can see so many of his jokes or things that he has written online so if you are ever bored one day or you would like to see what I am talking about, I would advise you to check out some of the jokes he has made. Some of them are good and while a lot of people can find some of the jokes that he makes vile and offensive like the joke about child molesters, they come from a place that is clearly only humorous but there is a sense of being able to understand exactly what he means by what he says.

A comedian who was really underrated is one that has sadly passed away by the time of reading this blog post. Patrice O’neal was one of the funniest people I have ever seen in my life and may be the funniest person to have stepped foot into this world. While his stand-up comedy special may not be to your liking, you can hear thousands of hours of footage from him on radio shows that really bring out just how genius this man really was. He mainly had an eye for relationships, and you can hear it in every single one of his jokes just how seriously he took comedy as an art form. He built mainly off personal experiences, and it really shines through.

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Art forms I cannot appreciate

While most of this blog will be talking about all the artforms that I have a deep love for, I thought the best first post that I could create would be focused on artforms I either have a dislike for, or I simply cannot understand the appeal for. While this may sound negative, there are a few things that I have never been able to understand the appeal of, and never really been able to enjoy. I do not mean to be rude or disparage any of these art forms whatsoever, because my lack of understanding or enjoyment from any of them doesn’t necessarily mean that I hold any negative thoughts or ill will towards the arts themselves. Arts of all kinds should be appreciated, and I believe the reason I thought this would be a good post is because although I may not be able to appreciate them, I know that many others out there and my readers included do.

One of the art forms I really do not see the fascination of is dancing professionally. I do not mean ballet dancing, because I do see the art behind ballet dancing. I also see the art behind some dances themselves, but there are certain dance groups (not naming any names!) that I just don’t understand why it is considered good. Some of it is very athletic and looks very good for show since there are so many flips and such, but as an actual dance, I don’t see the appeal, nor do I find it very fascinating to watch. Athleticism is cool and fun to watch in its own way but doing a bunch of flips and then putting it under the umbrella of dance just doesn’t seem right to me.

I cannot find myself agreeing that this kind of dancing, or a lot of dance moves in general are considered art. I understand that it is an expression of emotions or feelings in many cases, but the simple fact of expression shouldn’t make something be considered as art. That could mean anyone screaming or shouting in the middle of the street expressing themselves could be considered art in some form if that is the underlying benchmark for what is considered art. It is also a form where it is indiscernible what is just athletics and what is specifically a dance move with certain dance groups within the United Kingdom too.

I also do not consider slam poetry or emotional readings to be art forms either. While this is a lot more specific, the reading of a poem or grouping of words in a specific way to sound emotional or “intimidating” to be art whatsoever. It is just reading a poem. Poems is an art form, because it’s a way to verbally express a specific memory, emotion or landscaping, while anything on top of that is just complicating the matter. The matter itself is the words and the meaning behind the paper, rather than the way you say the words.

I know that I may sound partially rude or dismissive or art forms, but I do find it hard to agree that these are art forms. They just don’t express emotion or stories the way that other art forms can. I also find many of them to be more complicated forms of other arts for the sake of “evolution”. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post today, and make sure to stick around for more!

Je T’aime!

I feel that I am a bit of an art connoisseur, as I enjoy all types of art forms from around the world. I don’t just enjoy painting or decorating types of artistic endeavours, but I enjoy all types of art forms from video games to music to sculptures and gardening. I feel like so many of these past times and hobbies are art forms within themselves, and many including simple woodworking, or the creation of furniture also counts as art. Any time someone can be creative and original, despite what materials they are using or how they create that art, if it is beautiful, it is art. The old saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find that to be so true considering that some people can be so creative and innovative with many different materials if they have their vision.

The creations of sculptures throughout the world, despite the materials that they are created with, is one of the most amazing things in the world. There are obvious pieces of art created by great sculptures such as the statue of David in Florence, but there are other types of sculptures that do not get the same amount of exposure. This includes ice sculptures which are one of the most amazing pieces of art form there is. Most of the ice sculptures that have been created, with hours and hours of time being spent to create and design them will never be seen again, because they have melted either partially or completely by now. There may be some that have been stored in a freezer somewhere, but the rest have been gone for a long time. This is sad when you consider how beautiful some of those sculptures may have been.

The most obvious and beautiful art form that has been created throughout the years are paintings and murals. There are so many amazing paintings and murals that have been designed and created throughout the years, and they have been created by painters with a creative vision throughout the years. To some a painting may seem to just be a few different paint colours brushed together to create a picture that only means something to the artist themselves, but there is a piece of beauty within that. The idea of being able to put yourself into the artists shoes and mind and seeing what he or she wanted to create and convey is part of the beauty in any art form, but especially within paintings, which can be equally expressive as it is inexpressive.

Art is one of life’s simplest but most beautiful pleasures that we rarely get to experience. Sure, we can see a few reprinted pictures of paintings and some photographs daily, but rarely do we get to see the most beautiful pieces of art forms throughout the world. You can probably think of a few statues or buildings, but can you remember when the last time you sought one out was? Can you even remember when the last time you really went out of your way to see some relatively popular painting or piece of art? The chances are you probably cannot, because we all take these things for granted. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you get the chance please make sure to check out some of the blogs we will be creating in the future!